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About Regan Keely

My spiritual journey began in 2012 (at age 15) when I realized that almost everything I believed about the world was backwards. Since then, I started meditating and looking within for answers. I was guided to study Reiki 5 years ago.

Since then, I have been on a wonderous, yet intense journey, of studying and practicing energy medicine in many different forms. As I continued to turn within I began receiving more and more messages and clear guidance, assisting me in my everyday life to a mystial degree.

This is what led me to learn the modalities of A.U.R.A Hypnosis and R.A.A.H. Reiki- as they proved to be the most powerful and clear forms of self-healing and self-activation in my experience so far, and so it is a joy and an honor to be able to facilitate these beautiful gifts to humanity.

These are gifts of using all of the knowledge, wisdom, and connections I have learned up to this point to create a space in which one can tap into their own power and innate connection to recieve high-level healing, guidance, activations, and soul rememberances to catalyze them on their journey and assist them in their mission and purpose on Earth.

This is most important- as ALL healing is self-healing; ALL activation is self-activation; ALL education is self-taught ultimately: therefore these are techniques of facilitating holistic sessions where the client can go within themselves and do the core work directly, in a highly sacred and protected space, guided with love, respect, and honor the whole time.

In these sessions we work directly with the clients Higher Self, the Archangels, Beloved Spirit Guides, & Divine Mother and Divine Father (God-Source). Strong, sacred boundaries are in place from start to finish to ensure a clear session without any infringement from undesired sources.

  • A.U.R.A. Session

    A.U.R.A. (Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy) is a divine line of hypnosis involving sacred alchemy energy work, past-life regression, entity removal, and so much more! Click HERE for more information.

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  • R.A.A.H. Session

    R.A.A.H. (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing) is a sacred energy work and Entity Removal Technique, which birthed forth from the Universe's sacred mysteries and knowledge with the aid of Angelics & Ascended Masters. Click HERE for more information.

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  • Galactic Quantum Akashic Reading

    Channeled guidance from your Higher Self, guides, angels, and galactic family in what consists of your soul, galactic races, soul blueprint, and connection to your mystical friends like dragons, animal totems… Teachings on how to further your gifts assisting you in walking your most organic timeline. Click HERE for more information.

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Just Wonderful.

Regan's approach fits exactly how I like to approach spirituality, life, and all the questions/dilemmas I encounter. I really appreciate the simplicity and calmness of how Regan approaches the complex questions or viewpoints that consistently come up throughout our lives. I admit that I have not taken the required time (only recently) to focus on everything that she teaches and have been distracted with other energies coming from the normal daily life struggles, but Regan seems to always acknowledge these general struggles and communicates in a wonderful way how to refocus our energy. Whenever I read or listen to her messages or Youtube videos, it truly resonates and quickly brings me back to what I know I should focus on. Her messages always capture a somewhat complex topic, but at the same time they also always simplify the best way to approach and view those possible struggles. I have not come across anyone else who is so genuine and I really hope she realizes how impactful her demeanor and messages are. I truly appreciate everything that you do. Thank you! -Keith M on Activate Your Clairvoyance! Course

Just what the Angels Ordered

The course took me a few months to actually work through in my spare time. But I found it very informative and a great course to continue learning. I have great respect for the content in the course. I would recommend it for anyone genuinely learning about their innate abilities and needs some practical guidance and tools to lay a proper foundation. The course is packed with info and provides a great resource that I have found myself coming back to again and again. -Richard Blankenship on Activate Your Clairvoyance! Course

This is what we all should have been taught in school. Be ready to have some epiphanies!

I would recommend this course to anybody regardless of their world view or belief system! Regan walks you through many stages of spirituality and connectivity with the universe. Whether you’re just starting to open your mind to new ideas, or you’re looking for that next level to dive into, this course will provide endless avenues for you to develop into a more tuned in version of yourself.

On top of the incredible course content, Regan opens herself up personally and welcomes you into a community that is unlike any other I’ve been a part of. We have real open conversations between likeminded souls. Our group conversations are therapeutic, reassuring… comforting to have access to a group of unique sovereign individuals who all share an intangible characteristic of pursuing truth and love. There’s no way you will regret taking this course! -Doug Cohen on Activate Your Clairvoyance! Course