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I am in love with being a conduit for pure love.

I deliver highly effective, transformative spiritual services and heart-centered messages to assist others to reach their richest connection to the God-Source they are, always have been, and always will be.


Regan's beautiful, vibrant, magical light truly Transforms Darkness

Regan's beautiful radiant light shines the moment you meet with her and embraces you unconditionally. I felt at such ease in her magical presence and the reading was truly a life changing experience. Regan's reading was exactly what I needed to hear on my spiritual journey. The information is delivered with so much love, respect and care that you feel her every word resonating in your heart. Regan truly cares and her mission of transforming the darkness with such pure loving intent is felt. Truly and highly recommend booking any of her services. There is a reason your soul brought you here please follow your heart and book a service you won't regret it. It was a true privilege and honor being guided to Regan. Forever grateful!

Also, would highly recommend checking out Regan's YouTube channel "Transforming the Darkness" and listening to her SUPER activating beyond words beautiful music and wisdom she shares.

Thank you beloved soul sister for all that you do from bottom of my heart!!!

A Compassionate and Competent Psychic and Healer

I highly recommend Regan Keely - she is the real deal. She is very talented kind and compassionate with an ability to read and understand the deeper energetic and spiritual forces that shape our lives. She is also a gifted healer with the result that a reading with Reagan is also a healing session that works to clear blockages and obstacles. In my opinion it is a good investment to book a reading or healing with her and I highly recommend her work. -George Allan

Amazing Talent

Regan is extremely talented. I don’t feel words can fully describe the energetic work that Regan performs, but the experience speaks for itself. She is professional, exceeds my expectations every time and always with genuine love, truth and appreciation. She provides valuable guidance and follow up before AND after sessions.
I was first led to Regans YouTube channel and videos which spoke to me so precisely, that I felt she was channeling my guides.
I am currently taking the “Activating your clairvoyance” class and have received a Reiki healing session and AURA -Lisa Ghelfihealing/reading. All have exceeded my expectations and have been transforming for me.
I feel Regan is truly being guided to assist others who are open to and are looking for healing and/or answers to their spiritual questions and I highly recommend her services. -Lisa Ghelfi

Light and clear

I had my first R.A.A.H. session ever with Regan and it was a really special experience. Prior to the session starting, Regan seemed to already intuitively know which of my chakras had a blockage. During the session I very specifically felt negative energy being cleared from that chakra over and over again (and over and over, there must have been a lot.. :) ). I also felt some action in another chakra for a shorter amount of time during the session, and everything I felt ended up lining up exactly with the chakras that Regan mentioned she cleared after the session was over. I'm not someone who is very advanced with connecting to energies, so the feeling/knowing I got from this was unexpected and very special for me, and it motivates me to continue on the healing path. Regan also provided a lot of resources and tips after the session which have been very beneficial for staying clear of negative energies. I am very grateful for this whole experience. -Keith M

This is what we all should have been taught in school. Be ready to have some epiphanies!

I would recommend this course to anybody regardless of their world view or belief system! Regan walks you through many stages of spirituality and connectivity with the universe. Whether you’re just starting to open your mind to new ideas, or you’re looking for that next level to dive into, this course will provide endless avenues for you to develop into a more tuned in version of yourself.

On top of the incredible course content, Regan opens herself up personally and welcomes you into a community that is unlike any other I’ve been a part of. We have real open conversations between likeminded souls. Our group conversations are therapeutic, reassuring… comforting to have access to a group of unique sovereign individuals who all share an intangible characteristic of pursuing truth and love. There’s no way you will regret taking this course! -Doug Cohen on Activate Your Clairvoyance! Course

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