Comprehensive Guide to Impenetrable Psychic Protection

Comprehensive Guide to Impenetrable Psychic Protection

A reference guide for getting free and staying free in the third and fourth dimension.

One of the most beautiful (yet often intense) lessons in our spiritual journey is learning how to stand in Sovereignty: to recognize our own intrinsic worth and power and not be infringed upon by the various negative energies, entities, technologies, systems, people, etc. that we encounter daily in the density that is the third (and fourth) dimension.

It is an indispensable lesson for every human to claim and honor their God-given sovereignty. This is truly a journey-for it takes the acknowledgement of our past slavery (ways we have given our power away), discerning between our shadow and psychic attacks, truly practicing and experiencing these things, and discovering for ourselves what this all really means. It takes much courage and wisdom.

Some may say that this concept is "fear-based", and yet it is the most empowering knowledge on my (and many others) journey. The purpose of this information is absolutely not to cause fear, but rather to acknowledge the challenges we face everyday in this realm and learn how to navigate them with love and grace for all (including ourselves!).

As you read this article you will find that there are way more reasons to be empowered and excited than there is to be scared.


It is very important to acknowledge the difference between your own organic shadow (your trauma, pain, projections, triggers, wounds, "dark side") and external infringement (mind control, psychic attack, negative or lost entities, ethereal implants, artificial cords/contracts in the matrix, etc.) and so I have written an entire detailed article you can find here called "The Difference Between the Organic and Artificial Reality".

The AI Matrix is not just a clever analogy, but a literal and tangible system of control that can be observed physically and spiritually.

The key for me in learning to discern between the two is my own experience and observation- as the two have a very distinctly different feel. The organic shadow can be densely dark and painful-depending on where you are in your healing journey, it can be very intense.. and yet, in my experience, it is quite bearable to resolve (speaking as someone who doesn't mind feeling deep painful emotions when its time to heal).

On the other hand- mind control/psychic attacks/artificial matrix attachments often feel very foreign and depending on how extreme they are- can manifest in really traumatic loops/events that for most people are excessively difficult to recognize-especially in the case of entity attachment in which the host usually thinks the entity's (typically very destructive towards self or others) thoughts are their own.

The key to discernment is experience, neutral observation, and listening to your heart. Know that as you explore the knowledge in this article, you will naturally become attuned to it, and you will be able to distinguish for yourself what you are experiencing in your journey. Trust yourself. Above all, take responsibility for your shadows and healing journey either way. While there is certainly a difference between your organic darkness and the artificial darkness mentioned, they are intertwined- for your energy had to be a vibrational match at some point in your life for such entities/cords to attach. This usually happens through traumatic experiences-especially as children.

As you continue to heal, remember, and know yourself again, you will naturally raise your vibration and break free of these infringements along your journey. On the other side, having these dense entities/infringements consciously removed through a R.A.A.H. Reiki Healing or A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing can be a most catalyzing experience in one's ascension journey- so long as one reveres the lessons learned and walks forward with newfound energetic Sovereignty. If one is open and willing to heal and align with their divine self- entity removal is a powerful opportunity for accelerated healing/shifting as often entities and implants are the true root of our illness/blocks/patterns.

What is Psychic attack?

In this article, what I am referring to ask psychic attack covers a wide range of things, from something as simple as someone thinking bad thoughts toward you to as complex as MK Ultra Mind Control or entity attachment (possession). Living in the third dimension is extremely dense-not only is it naturally a very polarized realm, but we also have a huge amount of mind control and infringement that dates far beyond our lifetime since the fall of man. I refer to our natural darkness as "organic" (our shadow, the unknown, lack of light) which is a beautiful part of ourselves to actualize, and the infringement as "artificial" darkness which is a characteristic of the " AI Matrix Control System" and what has enslaved humanity. This, again, is a very important distinction to understand and discern between and was worthy of an article all on its own.

This guide is not meant to help you dodge all contrast, negative experiences, or your own karma/shadow, for it will not do that. However it will most certainly break you out of being a slave in the AI matrix and help you to re-claim your Sovereignty on a multi-dimensional level.

Our Innate Protection

I want to mention before we dive in that we are all innately blessed with more love and protection than we often realize. These tips are meant to enhance this intrinsic protection-for the more we acknowledge, intend, invite in, and ask for protection, the more our Higher Self and Team are able to provide for us. And you will be amazed at how much they truly can provide for us in our daily lives. I am a witness to incredible miracles. These are all techniques that I have successfully used time and time again and been blown away at how potent our prayers and intentions are. You may experience for yourself events that seem impossible- right before your eyes- as you begin to tap into your sacred protection and boundaries.

Remember- it is your God-Given right to be Sovereign and no one can take that away from you unless you let them.

I Do Not Consent

I do not consent to infringement.

A chief cornerstone of Sovereignty is these words: "I do not consent". It is important to remember this- as we all have free-will and when we remember and invoke this- we can stop infringement in its tracks. Remember that all infringement starts energetically, usually within the mind. I have seen this infringement manifest in the 4th dimension (astral) as negative or lost entities, cords, implants, hooks, and all kinds of astral apparatuses that attach onto peoples energy and go on to cause physical infringement. Often when people have attempted physical sovereignty without being energetically sovereign, they run into trouble. It must start from within.

Negative entities are known for finding the "loophole" in free-will, which is taking specific things that seem like harmless gestures to "normal people", and using it as "consent" in some kind of contract. A faulty contract, truly, but it is how many lower beings do business, and will continue to, until we step up and say NO. An example of this is the symbolism we see in Hollywood and Media- it is used so that they can "tell us what they're doing" through their various cryptic symbolism, stories, and gestures and if the masses don't understand what it means, they've still "consented and deserve to be manipulated" for not understanding. Classic narcissistic trick- and this is how the masses have been so infringed upon so deeply for so long. Many times entities will take fear or no answer as consent- again why it is so important to know and practice these sacred boundaries everyday. It is your right as a Divine Being and as you do it, you can help others to see what is possible.

The easiest way to not consent is to say NO. Say "No, I do not consent", as many times as you need until such entities are forced to retreat. You can do this in any situation that you feel you are being attacked. Often it is the entities in people that are attacking you, and the person themselves doesn't even know it. Be firm and strong. It may seem too good to be true, but if you sincerely practice you will find that we are in fact this powerful.

13 Tips for Psychic Protection

1. Shielding

Shielding is the simple practice of intending/visualizing/creating a bubble of love-light around you and setting the intention that you do not consent to infringement. There are many ways this can be done- as you may customize your own version of this bubble of protection and your own invocation/prayer along with it. I will give you my basic template to begin.

  1. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply and calmly. Focus your attention inwards and relax. Tap in.
  2. Say "I invoke the I AM Love-Light inside me" to yourself or out loud.
  3. Imagine/visualize/intend a big bubble of light surrounding you (like the picture above). Notice its color- perhaps white, golden, rainbow).
  4. As you hold this vision/intention, say (in your mind) "I do not consent to any harm or infringement all day and all night (or night and day) for my greatest and highest good. I AM Sovereign and I AM Infinite Love-Light. Without harming anyone. And so it is."

    I highly recommend doing this shield twice a day- in the morning when you wake up (to have a beautiful day) and in the evening before you go to bed (to have a beautiful dreamtime). Both are essential in my experience. In sleep you are in the deepest brainwave of delta traveling beyond the veil and so you really want to set these boundaries. When I began doing this, I realized the nightmares I consistently had stopped and only returned once, on a night I forgot to shield. Needless to say- I make damn sure not to forget anymore!

    Also important- I shield myself, but my partner, my cat, my home, my land, and my vehicle. If I had kids I would shield them as well. Again, the difference it makes is unbelievable, until you consistently practice it for yourself and see the results in your energy over time. I recommend not shielding further beyond your direct family members, as you may start to pick up their karma which can be draining. If you can, encourage them to start shielding themselves. If you really want to shield another, ask for their or their Higher Selves permission.

    Again- you can use your own prayers/affirmations to shield- follow your intuition and shield in your own way- but what is most important is that you do shield. You will prevent all the astral debris, people's (including strangers) thoughts/feelings, entities, negative technology, etc. from being able to get into your field. You may be amazed at how much ethereal sheeit can get into your field when you don't shield-whether it is nefarious or simply unhelpful noise. Shielding will help you greatly in re-claiming sovereignty over your field, enhancing your discernment, and healing/activating yourself altogether. The more you shield, the more powerful your shielding will become. If it seems challenging at first, keep going and trust yourself. I assure you that you will have much more energy after a week or so of consistent shielding. As an empath myself that is prone to absorbing peoples energy, I never miss my practice. I have noticed my shielding (after years) repels negative entities, unwanted energies, vibrational control systems, people directing thoughts at me, and all kinds of unnecessary infringement and distraction.

    The universe understands and honors sacred boundaries when you set them clearly and lovingly.

2. Cutting Cords/Ending Contracts/Canceling Artificial Timelines

AA Michael art with sword & shield

As I began deepening my own psychic protection (shielding, removing entities and implants via A.U.R.A. & R.A.A.H., etc.) I began noticing how the AI Matrix actually creates ethereal cords and contracts tied to people, almost like tentacles, that loop and anchor them into this dense reality and make it harder for them to break free of the mind control.

The easiest way to handle this is to call upon Archangel Michael, and ask him to "cut any and all cords attached to me that are not serving my greatest and highest good now". Same with soul contracts-asking your Higher Self and/or AA Michael to "end any and all contracts that are no longer serving my greatest and highest good now". I highly consider doing this often as you need, even daily at first (seriously), as cords and contracts can so easily be formed without realizing it. Similar to shielding, as you do this work you will notice your energy is less and less drained by external or unknown things.

Important note: there are also beautiful organic cords between you and the people you love, between you and soul family, etc. which is why I say "no longer serving me for my greatest and highest good". Your Higher Self/AA Michael/Guides will know the difference.

Similar to cords and contracts there are also artificial timelines. This is a little deeper to explain but if you should ever (whether through a vision, daydream, or dream) see or be shown an artificial/infringed timeline you have the power to not consent to it and even ask AA Michael to cancel artificial timelines "WITHOUT HARMING ANYONE". Again, this is a bit deeper and requires experience to really grok but it is worth mentioning. This doesn't mean you can escape (individual or collective) karma or negativity altogether- it is specifically referring to the artificial A.I. Matrix Control grid timelines and loops created by Archonic Beings meant to torment souls (to be candid). If this concept is confusing to you, know that more will be disclosed about this in the future and focus now on releasing your cords/contracts.

3. Heal and Activate your Soul Blueprint

We are all divine children of God. We are all worthy of living the life we desire in love and peace and freedom. We are inherently multi-dimensional Sovereign Creator Beings awakening... i.e. coming home to who we really are. We are more powerful than we tend to realize and far more powerful than any negative entity, belief, mind control, fear, or matrix attachment. The way these lower beings work is they fool you into thinking they are much more powerful than they are, when in fact they have to parasite off of YOUR energy to have any power at all. That's how powerful YOU are, as a positively-polarized Light Being... don't be deceived and avoid being sucked into their fear porn/bullshit drama pageants which is their greatest trick. Dark entities are masters of illusion and manipulation.

As I said in the beginning- negative entities/infringement can only attach to that which it is a vibrational match-i.e. trauma, fear, hatred, sorrow, depression, anxiety, guilt, rage, etc. Usually, deep-seated and repressed pain. Note: THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO BEAT YOURSELF OR OTHERS UP. We are all human and we all have these qualities- and there is nothing wrong with feeling or experiencing any of these things (in fact it is necessary to learn, heal, and grow). However- it is when we repress these feelings and refuse to deal with them that they can turn into monsters. Learning how to feel and express your emotions (and the stories/thoughts behind them) in a healthy way is critical for being sovereign.

Through the healing of these inner pains (often called shadow work), we are able to restore our souls organic blueprint and raise our vibration- meaning we are not a vibrational match for the artificial matrix/mind control/infringements to attach to anymore.

Also keep in mind that many of us did contract with lower dimensional beings when we came into this life in order to learn deep lessons, grow, and even serve humanity. Again- emphasizing the importance of learning these soul lessons with reverence and then releasing the soul contracts when they are over.

Make your healing and activation a primary goal in your life. Through your healing journey you will not only free yourself from these bonds, but discover and learn amazing things about yourself and the universe. You will also activate incredible talents and gifts within you that will go on to serve you and others in profound ways.

If you make it your main priority and focus to pursue your Highest Truth you will find Divine Protection everywhere you go.

4. Receive an A.U.R.A. Hypnosis or R.A.A.H. Healing Session

A.U.R.A. (Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy) and R.A.A.H. (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing) are both sacred alchemical energy healing and entity/implant removal techniques that facilitate a bridge between you and your Higher Self to catalyze you in your ascension journey-the biggest difference being that A.U.R.A. is a hypnosis that also assists you in exploring your universal memory, whereas RA.A.H. is purely energy work and is ideal for those who want an A.U.R.A. but don't feel ready yet.

These techniques, founded by the beautiful Aurora Rising Phoenix, are the most effective and safe ways I know of to commence this quantum energy work in a sacred space that acknowledges all of the information in this guide, which is why I decided to be trained to facilitate them. Of all healing modalities I have experienced, this is the most potent, going directly to the core issues (entities and implants) and being able to assist and transmute them with love with the help of the Archangels, guides, and God-Source. These techniques are focused around spiritual self-healing, empowerment and self-activating, entity removal (with love and respect), and alchemical transmutation of implants that most healing modalities at this time ignore or are afraid to acknowledge.

If you are interested in experiencing an A.U.R.A. or R.A.A.H. session with me click here for more information, or you may click here if you are interested in exploring other A.U.R.A./R.A.A.H. Practioners or learning these beautiful quantum techniques for yourself.

5. Open Your Heart to Inner Guidance

We are not separate from God Source- that is the illusion. We all have a direct link to the living God Within and no middle man is required. As you open your heart you will discover a deep inner knowing and guidance system that is absolutely necessary to navigate this Earth with grace. It is innate and built into you. This is your connection to your Higher Self, your spirit guides/family, your angels, the entire universe, and the Creator.

The key to tapping into this is within the heart. While the mind as we know it can be influenced by many things (until we learn discernment), it is deep in the heart that KNOWS without question. In our heart there is clarity, peace, neutrality, and direct union with the Creator.

If you are ever confused in life-take a moment to pause. Allow yourself to breathe and release all thoughts/worries/attachments for this moment and literally "drop" into the heart.

As you do this, it may help to call up lovely memories that bring you joy and satisfaction. Or perhaps you may just want to focus on this moment. Either way, continue to breathe deeply and drop into the heart for as long as you need, until you feel that calmness and clarity return to your Being. If you are patient and lovingly firm with yourself, this will work.

When this peace naturally arises, you will feel your guidance return. It may be in the form of a feeling of deep love, in a message, in a knowing. It will feel "right" without question and you will just know. This is the beauty of the heart center.

"At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want." -Lao Tzu

6. Call 911: Your Guides, Angels, Animal Totems, Dragons, and Divine Mother/Divine Father (God)

I call this "dialing 911" when things get crazy and you need some extra help. Again, I am amazed by the miraculous things our soul family can do in the higher realms for us-especially when we do ask for help. It is important to ask because these benevolent Beings honor free-will, meaning they will only interfere as much as you allow and ask them to. By asking you open up the floodgates for their angelic assistance to pour through into your experience. They are truly lifesavers and they love to help. There is a saying that the longest unemployment line is in heaven-because humans never think to call upon them for assistance!

Though I had to make the "calling 911" joke- it doesn't take an emergency to call upon them and in fact its much better to "get ahead of it" by asking them for help before you get yourself into trouble. I ask them for guidance and assistance everyday and am in deep gratitude for their wisdom and love for us. Whether its protection on a long road trip, assistance in manifesting the right person/place/thing, or inspiration for writing an article such as this- I am working with them all day long. This is a result of working with, listening, and learning to trust them for years. As you tap into your inner guidance more you almost feel like a bystander in your life at times- sending "commands" upwards and receiving commandments downwards.

When you ask, it is important to receive- by learning to trust and surrender into their love and grace. Often easier said than done, but it gets easier with experience. If you feel extremely blocked from receiving them, it is worth looking into getting an A.U.R.A. or R.A.A.H. to clear any infringements or ask them to help you clear any infringements. Either way, know that they ARE there.

If you are struggling- call upon these benevolent beings, ask for their help, and sit back and receive. They love you and are here for you.

7. Gratitude

As a dear friend of mind says, "Cultivating gratitude can turn agony into adventure". Gratitude is an essential key in every level of ascension. Cultivating gratitude is critical not only for manifestation- but also for healing and navigating difficult or dark situations. When you fall into states of fear or despair, allow the energy to move through you (feeling is healing) and also know that practicing gratitude is the ultimate force to spiral you back up into neutrality and positivity again. This means being grateful for the challenges and recognizing that they are indispensable lessons that will catapult you into the next level of your ascension. There is always something to be grateful for and if you strive for gratitude in your life, you will achieve amazing things.

As you have gratitude for contrast in your life, contrast will not scare or bother you so much.

8. Boundaries & Letting Go of What Does Not Serve You

We have dived deep into energetic boundaries in the form of shielding, cord cutting, and soul contracts. However it is worth mentioning physical boundaries as well. Many people, especially empathic people, have a tendency to sacrifice themselves and give more than they are comfortable with, play in codependency, and trust/care more about others opinions/feelings than their own. If they continue to fulfill others needs at the expense of their own, they will not only drain themselves dry but build resentment towards others. Learn what boundaries mean to you, how to set them, and how to say no. Realize the consequences of both saying yes or no and if you really want to deliver what you promise. Be okay with displeasing or triggering people if you have to. Learn the beautiful balance of being both loving and honest with yourself and other people. You are worthy of being all that you are.

Boundaries apply to places, things, and habits as much as they do to people. It is important to be aware of things in your life that maybe used to serve you, but don't work anymore and navigate it with grace, letting go of it completely if you feel it is in your best interest. Practice the affirmation, "I release all that no longer serves me" often and you will be able to start releasing things with less resistance naturally. There is power in word and expression.

You can't pour from an empty cup.


9. Bless Everything You Consume

There is a huge vibrational difference in the quality of food and drink that you take a moment to consciously bless. I like to do this by holding my hands directly over my food/drink and infusing it with love. You can also say a prayer/invocation over it and charge it with love, joy, confidence, clarity, etc. Not only will you infuse it with love/intention but you can also transmute a lot of the negativity in the food/drink as well. We live in a time where the things we consume tend to have energy in it that we would rather not consume if we knew what was in it, so this is essential for our health and spirituality. It also helps us to be less compulsive with food and enjoy it with more gratitude.

I recommend doing this with everything you eat and drink, as well as if you smoke or take drugs (recreational or pharmaceutical), in which it is even more important to transmute and bless that energy.

10. Avoid Processed Foods, Sugar, Alcohol, and Drugs as Much as Possible

In my experience, processed foods and especially refined sugar are super dense. It is said that entities love refined sugar and I find this to be true. This may be a personal experience, but I avoid refined sugar like the plague and eat as light and natural as possible. I won't say I eat perfectly, but I am aware of how certain foods effect my mind and I will take the effort to avoid them at all costs as its simply not worth fogging up my spiritual abilities to me. I don't eat cookies, cake, sweets, etc. Refined sugar (and processed foods) are known to make your intuitive abilities cloudy.

When it comes to alcohol and drugs, this is not a judgement but just a message of caution as these substances contain entities as well. If you must use them, take the effort to be intentional with them, bless them, and be aware of your (inner and outer) surroundings and what you're getting yourself into. Many times when someones entities are completely unhinged, substances are involved. I once had a crazy psychic attack when I was drunk on alcohol and I was completely defenseless as my usual psychic faculties were annihilated. After that, I made sure to never make that mistake again as it was hell for me... a great lesson learned!

I also avoid meat and animal products. This is partly personal preference for my body, but also the awareness that much of the animal products we are presented with have lots of fear, trauma, and chemicals within them and I find my vibration much higher without them. Again, this is not a judgement and you should absolutely follow your own heart and body completely when it comes to your diet. If one consumes meat I think it is most important to honor the animals spirit and have respect and reverence for what it has given you as we have been very disconnected from the whole process of what it means to hunt and process an animal for oneself.

Many times when we are craving unhealthy foods or substances it is actually entities/parasites wanting to experience these things through us.. Yeah I know, I'm real fun at parties!

11. The Violet Flame (and Other Elements)

The violet flame is a powerful tool that is used to transmute negativity of all kinds throughout all timelines, founded by Saint Germain.

The Sacred Violet Flame

The greatest definition and invocation I've seen of the Violet Flame was by Patricia Robles, and so I will just quote her here:

"What is the Violet Flame? The Violet Flame is a gift from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. The Divine Intent of this gift is to help Humanity transmute into Light the human miscreations we inadvertently manifested through the misuse of our thoughts and feelings. This includes anything that exists in the physical plane that is not reflecting the love, harmony and balance of Heaven on Earth."

This is an example of how to use the Violet Flame in an invocation to transmute poverty consciousness, but can be used for any pain:

“I AM my Beloved I AM Presence, invoking the full power of the Violet Flame to transmute cause, core, effect, record and memory every thought, feeling, word or action I have ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown, that reflects poverty consciousness or lack and limitation of any kind.”

It is worth mentioning that the elements (fire, water, air, earth) whether used in their ethereal form or physical form can be used for transmutation, cleansing, protection, and healing as well. Sitting around a bonfire, one can pull the ethereal element of fire from it for transmutation. Swimming in natural waters, one can cleanse themselves holistically of what no longer serves them. Feeling and harnessing the ether in the air to heal and breathe or allowing the wind to blow off that which no longer serves. Grounding in to the Earth and allowing her to absorb and transmute negative energy.

12. I AM Affirmations

The I AM presence is the essence of who we are. Invoking it- either declaring it within or out oud, can be an potent bridge back home in challenging times. For enhanced power, repeat each one three times.

I AM Sovereign.
I AM Protected.
I AM Safe.
I AM Powerful.
I AM a Child of God.

13. Miscellaneous: Nature, Loving Relationships, Community, Breathwork, Crystals, Symbols, Sound, Music, Meditation, Herbs, Chanting, Fasting, Singing, Art, Dancing, Sunlight, Grounding, Healing modalities, Yoga, Exercise, Mindfulness, Dreams, etc.

You will find many tools along your journey to put in your spiritual protection toolkit that protect, heal, guide, and activate you, and they are certainly not limited to this list.

Crystals, especially black crystals, are known to be incredible protectors and transmuters of negativity. Sitting in Mother Nature and in the sun are easily accessible medicines that will offer you much healing and protection. It is known that sound, singing, chanting, and music is one of the most powerful forces in our universe that you can harness for protection, as well as healing and creation. If you have people in your life that love and care about you, they can be a most grand source of light and shelter.

There are many beautiful practices and tools one could develop and I encourage you to follow what calls out to your heart and experiment with it. Be like a 'mad scientist' in a laboratory trying out all these different things and seeing what works for you. Have fun with it. The knowledge means little to you if you don not practice for yourself. Above all, know that you are a powerful creator Being with limitless potential.

A wise man once said, "Be sincere, not serious". This is an incredible, yet seemingly subtle, way to shift out of fear/control into a more light-hearted and effective approach to life.


Though we live in a jungle of a reality here on Earth, it is the most empowering time for us to remember and re-claim our power. When we learn this knowledge and importantly PRACTICE it, we are equipped with all that we need to be sovereign and clear- even in the midst of a violently collapsing Fear-based Control Matrix!

We live in a time where everything that was once hidden is being revealed. It may appear like things are getting worse- when in truth everything is just coming to the surface. The evil that has controlled our world in the shadows is now coming into the light. It is not easy to go through this shift with eyes wide open- and yet it is the most rewarding thing of a lifetime. It is truly the most beautiful and exciting time to be on Earth and throughout the universe Beings watch with excitement our transformation: the awakening of humanity and ascension from the 3rd dimension into the 5th! For our evolution effects the entire universe: it is all connected.

That said, the new energy is not the same as the old- the fear that once enslaved you endlessly in its karmic loop can now be broken! It is a most auspicious time. I hope you can use all of these techniques above and more to re-claim your sovereignty and inherent 5D royalty like never before.

Our evolution is an inside job: meaning it starts from the inside out: taking our power back, activating our soul's blueprint, remembering the history and laws of our universe, and coming together in service to all of creation!

It may not always be easy, but it IS always worth it.

If you benefitted from this guide, please share far and wide!

If you are interested in entity/implant removal, check out our A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing or R.A.A.H. Reiki Healing where we can assist you in removing these entities, implants, and blocks. We always treat the entities with love, honor and respect and assist them to the best of our ability with the assistance of the Archangels.

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