Perception is a Weapon (Poem)

Perception is a Weapon (Poem)

In other dimensions it is known that
Perception is a weapon.

Manipulate a beings concept of reality
And you can puppeteer them to a tee.

Through thoughts, happenings, and other people
Legions of darkness will attempt to keep you.

Mass opinion is worth more than trillions of dollars
Through an unconscious awareness you wear a collar.

Only when you come back to your heart are you free
To live the kind of life the true God intended you to be.

In LOVE- limitless, creative, eternally liberated
This life is yours now if you choose to claim it.

Wake up!


Awakening- to be AWAKE means to be AWARE. To be aware of who you really are beyond this material illusion- beyond the "matrix" is an infinite soul of pure love greater than you can conceive. To wake up means to live your life in Presence that holds this awareness at the forefront, as you go about your day on Earth. 

It is not just an idea, it is a skill, and anyone who wants it can practice now. It may be explained in other words, but it is the only way to true liberation, and it is only NOW. 

Any given moment-you are free. 

This is the key to stepping out of the old paradigm of mind control into a new, higher reality that is ready for you. 


I love you 🙏

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