Reminder: Victim Mentality is a Deception

Reminder: Victim Mentality is a Deception

SOVEREIGNTY is an inside job- what does that mean?

The easiest (and ONLY) way to be physically sovereign is to start within.



Everyday I set conscious intentions that manifest in my reality.

One of these intentions is: I DO NOT CONSENT to infringement mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Period.

I know who I am.

This creates strong boundaries, protection, and discernment in my field all day long: inherent parts of Sovereignty in this realm. This is why shielding everyday is so important.

Recognize and remember the fact that you are a SPARK of GOD: you are a Creator Being and you are WORTHY of the life and love you desire! You need not be a doormat to anyone or anything.

Reclaim your POWER! Find your VOICE!

The time to ASSIST humanity is now- beginning with our own individual sovereignty, knowing and owning your power, and coming together to build the new paradigm from the inside out. It's time.

What keeps evil in control is NOT the evil, but the good people who comply and go along with it- often because they feel weak or bitter because they forget WHO THEY ARE.  💜🦁

Imagine how transformed the world will be when we continuously standing in our power, say NO to tyranny and deception, and in true unity create the new paradigm of love and freedom that WE CAME HERE for!

All my love and gratitude to you all and thank you for listening!
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