The Bifurcation & Self-Healing the Vaccine

The Bifurcation & Self-Healing the Vaccine

Greetings everyone!

In this livestream we will be touching on the current astrology/energies, bifurcation unfolding, building community, and importantly how to Self-Heal the Covid Vaccine.

Healing the Vaccine is a two part process: healing it SPIRITUALLY (ending the contract and removing the AI nanite consciousness/entities/implants from it AND physically detoxing the heavy metals out of your body.

I highly recommend getting a RAAH Reiki or AURA Healing as these are the only modalities I am aware of that will safely remove the artificial and negative consciousness that is in the vaccine. That is the heart of truly healing these infringements. For the physical detox I recommend heavy metal detoxing, perhaps checking out Medical Medium for ways to detox, as well as eating as clean/organic raw vegan as possible.

Self-Healing after the vaccine is completely possible as the soul is far more powerful than anything in this world, but one has to make sure they thoroughly get these artificial components out of their system, release the negative "contract" that was getting the vaccine, and commit to coming back into their Higher Self/God.

For further learning, I recommend "Untold Stories of the Covid-19 Vaccinated" where the founder of RAAH and AURA Healing techniques Rising Phoenix Aurora and fellow practitioners share their experience assisting others in their self-healing journey after getting the jab. These are real examples of how you free yourself from the matrix.

My infinite love to you all and thanks for watching!

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