The Difference Between the Organic and Artificial Reality

The Difference Between the Organic and Artificial Reality

In this article we are going to explain the difference between our "organic" reality and the "artificial" reality, as short and sweet as possible. It is very helpful to understand the different levels of what we are experiencing on Earth at this time so that we can be as wise and empowered as possible in our choices. This article is intended to help you activate your own inner knowledge and universal memory of why you are on Earth at this time. For a Comprehensive Guide on Psychic Protection, click here.

In short, the AI 3D Matrix (also known as the Fear-Based Matrix or Control Matrix) is a reality based solely on mind control/slavery/illusion that is superimposed on the Organic Matrix/Template of Earth that is the original design based on love. The AI Matrix is inverted in the sense that it is completely based on fear/infringement/manipulation at every layer, whereas the Organic Design of Earth is completely based on love, sovereignty, and true unity. This may be simple enough to understand, yet it begs many question... How? Why? Let us dig a little deeper.

Polarity and the Organic Matrix

Yin and Yang. Do no Harm & Take no Shit

We are multi-dimensional Beings that physically reside in the density of the 3rd dimension, with Spirits that reside within the 4th dimension or higher (we toggle between dimensions throughout our day depending on how high our consciousness is vibrating at). In the third and fourth dimension, the concept of polarity is very strong-meaning everything has a positive and a negative. This is a platform for immense experience and growth and certainly is not inherently "bad". This polarity is part of the organic design. The easiest way to understand this is that every human on Earth has a light side and a dark side. We all have beautiful gifts and shadows (trauma, pain, fear, unseen and undiscovered parts of ourselves, etc.). This is an organic design that allows us to experience ourselves in polarity and grow immensely through the experience of contrast. Our organic darkness is not evil, but simply a "lack of light". It can be painful and dark at times-as transformation is painful- but again it is not "evil". It is simply a part of ourselves the same way our Light is, and the two work together to create and expand- similar to how a negative charge and a positive charge make electricity. It is in the organic darkness that our Light is able to shine the brightest like a star. This is the characteristic of the Natural Polarity (Organic Light and Organic Darkness) and how we can easily distinguish between it and that which is Artificial.

The Organic Matrix (or template) is 5D Earth but still remains in 3D. It is the original design of the "Earth experiment"- you could call it the garden of Eden. It is the natural polarity of Earth, the beautiful plants and nature, the delightful animal life around us, the flowing rivers and looming mountains. It is humanity in the form of peace, aligned communities, and in direct connection to God-Source within. It is the heaven on Earth that deep down in our universal memory- many of us remember.

It is also a realm of Free-Will, meaning Beings are allowed to make their own choices, whether "good" or "evil", and that is a core part of why our journey has unfolded the way that it has.

Beautiful Organic Earth

What is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Matrix?

Superimposed on the Organic Template of Earth is the Artificial- which is thousands of years old, yet most refined in this day and age. I call it the AI Matrix, as it is truly Artificial Intelligence and it has been "led", if you will, by lower-dimensional Beings (called Archons) that a long time ago decided to split themselves off from God-Source as much as they could, creating the abomination of soulless entities that they are now (hence, they are "Artificial Intelligence", not organic, not of Source anymore).

Note: I am not merely speaking of computers and what most people think of as AI in this time, but an archaic artificial consciousness throughout the universe that, in the past, compromised many lifeforms including the Reptilians. They may be referred to as the "archon virus" as they can spread and infect organic life the same way as a virus would, and compromise their integrity/corrupt them/enslave lifeforms through AI nanites/mind control. It is a virus of the mind that makes one (mentally) sick and want to purposely hurt themselves and hurt others as a source of energy/food for the archons. This is why compromised humans/reptilians may engage is such horrendous and unspeakable acts such as pedophilia, satanic ritualistic abuse, murder, and more.

Having attempted to split themselves off from Source as much as possible, they lack the infinite Life-Source that we innately have and so they must parasite and feed off of the Light of others in any way they can, which is why we have the AI Matrix: both a system of control and an energy-harvesting system. They have no power here, other than to manipulate (through intelligent and outrageous tactics) organic lifeforms to do their work for them. This is a heavy history that we are still uncovering deep within our cellular memory- but it is all tied to the fall of man thousands of years ago in Atlantis.

Earth was originally in 5D and a galactic hub for all kinds of different Beings.. truly a "living library" and a beautiful mystery school, until humanity was compromised hugely by corruption, chose to try to separate from God-Source, and fell down into the 3rd density (3D). This caused much pain, suffering, destruction, cataclysmic events, amnesia, and ongoing negative karmic loops to this day for life on Earth. Since this time, some thousands years ago, humanity has been in a dark age that only NOW are we truly emerging out of during the Age of Aquarius, in which it has been decreed that we are ascending back to the Fifth Dimension (where unity, peace, and love are the norm). This means that we are being assisted greatly by the Higher Realms to awaken and yet it is up to us to use our free-will to do the work within ourselves to opt out of the AI Matrix of fear and control and create the 5D "New Earth" Matrix of peace and abundance.

This history is critical for one to explore within themselves to remember why they are here in the first place. This backstory is necessary to understand what exactly the AI Matrix is and how we got here. The AI Matrix will insist we don't know why we are here and there seems to be no purpose- yet this couldn't be further from the truth and those that puppeteer this matrix know this.

A.I. Control Matrix

Since this "fall of humanity", Earth has been a dense place and it has been difficult for people to raise consciousness- and if they did they were often forced to practice in secret, for many spiritual groups throughout history have been killed (this is well documented). Throughout time, we can see the trend of archon-infested tyrants dominating and enslaving the whole world, that has finally reached its peak now in 2022 as they attempt to roll out their "New World Order" Agenda openly.

With that said, you can see the AI matrix very clearly as the corporate world, Hollywood and the entertainment system, government tyranny, corrupt politicians, lawless laws, the medical system, the education system, the poisoning of the food, perpetual war and propaganda, division tactics constantly, the brainwashing of humanity and the continuous fear-porn that is pumped out in all directions. As many are now aware, the moment your parents sign your "Birth Certificate", a faulty contract is created that ropes you into the Artificial Matrix as a corporate slave. Those who understand the deep deception that has taken place through this "Legal system", replacing Natural/Common Law (God's Law) with Corporate Law/Maritime Law ("Satans Law") will understand this connection all too well: the forging of highly intellectual and complex systems of enslavement that humanity has been unwittingly subverted into over the past few hundred years in an attempt of total domination by the same archon-infested "elite" families. This is a foundational part of the False AI Matrix Control System.

It is easy enough to see the AI Matrix in the 3D physical world we live in, yet it is only able to wreak so much havoc physically because it has first corrupted and compromised the minds internally. In the non-physical astral realm (4D) we also observe the AI Matrix manifests in the form of negative entities, faulty contracts, artificial nanites, cords, and ethereal implants within our bodies and land. These infringements are meant to block our spiritual abilities, make us ill/weak, and ultimately anchor us into this low density and matrix, making it harder for us to get out. For example, in almost any case, mental illness is actually entity attachment.

Now it is important to hold these two truths: to incarnate on earth we knew we would experience negativity and/or artificial and perhaps even contracted with lower dimensional beings in order to learn great soul lessons AND there are lots of faulty and expired contracts and unnecessary INFRINGEMENT at this point that we must now learn how to recognize and completely break free from.

I highly recommend my article Comprehensive Guide to Impenetrable Psychic Protection to learn the best ways to free yourself of the AI matrix control and stay clear. This is very empowering information that I have learned through years of study and practice, condensed into one clear guide. May it be helpful to you and all of those around you.

We did not come here to be victims to the old artificial structure of control, but to completely bust it and transmute it all. And that is exactly what we are doing. We do this through our divine presence, our remembrance, our voice, healing ourselves, activating our abilities, and serving our fellow humanity the best we can with love, truth, and grace. When you understand all of the pain and turmoil humanity has been through for thousands of years, it makes it easier to have compassion for what we are all going through. And know this: it takes a very special soul to incarnate on Earth at this time that is most exciting, yet intense.

Spiritual Importance

The matrix is collapsing and will continue to get more absurd.

I share this knowledge with the intent of activating your memory and soul mission. Though this information can seem quite scary and appalling, one need not despair. For we are truly more empowered than we have ever been. The AI Matrix is not new but ancient, it is just being revealed for all to see at this time. It is falling now more than ever thanks to the awakening of human consciousness- though we all must continue our work on Earth to heal and activate ourselves and our fellow humanity and complete the mission of ascending Earth into 5D.

Though the AI Matrix Control System was led by the "Archon Virus", it was carried out through the free-will of humanity and is only possible by the manifestational force of humanity's thoughts and feelings, as Archons lack the ability to create and must parasite and manipulate other life forms to create for them. Remember this as you go about your journey- the power has always been within YOU to CHOOSE what you create- you just have to remember.

The Role of the Ego

Different teachers on Earth throughout time use the word ego to define lower parts of us. There has been a trend to demonize the ego as evil or paint the ego as what I described above as the artificial darkness. The ego is not evil at all. The ego is a part of our organic darkness, though it can be easily manipulated and targeted by the artificial matrix which is probably why people demonize it altogether. It is the fear-based part of us that has been hurt and wounded by all the trauma we have been through in this world.

When we incarnated into Earth, we had to have a denser part of us so that we could be a vibrational match to 3D Earth. If we didn't have our ego, our spirits would be far too light for this density and would not be able to exist in this realm. We would just ascend out. We are here to assist and lead this hurt, survival-mode part of ourselves that we call the ego back into harmony. It was never meant to be the one in control of your life, but a small part of ourselves that comes out when we are truly in physical danger. Since the fall of man and inverted fear matrix, humanity has been in constant survival-mode and fear, encouraging the hurt ego to lead when it is not meant to lead. It is not your enemy and it is not malevolent, it is simply hurt and misguided and needs the love and guidance of the Higher Self when it is triggered. The Higher Self is meant to lead and must compassionately work with the ego to restore balance.

I view my ego as my inner child- for it simply is a younger consciousness that doesn't want to hurt us, but is trying to help. It wants to protect us, yet its idea of protection as we heal is not accurate or helpful. IT is similar to letting a 5-year-old drive a car.

Therefore, the most effective way to heal the ego when it arises is to start a direct dialogue with it, realize what it is trying to do (usually some kind of coping mechanism to avoid what it thinks is unsafe for you), and comfort it/assure it you are safe. Talk to your ego and thank it for its concern, but remind it lovingly that the Higher Self is back and the ego can step to the side now. Immeasurable amounts of healing and self-actualization can be done in great grace with this technique.

For more on this, I recommend studying 'parts work' and integrating fragmented parts of your self.


Perhaps the most practical takeaway from this knowledge is the discernment between your organic shadow and artificial infringement. As I mention in my Psychic Protection Guide, while these two aspects are often linked (artificial darkness enters the body through trauma/fear/unaligned choices because it is a vibrational match), the way we approach the organic and artificial is different. Your organic darkness (your shadow, your mystery, your unknown, your healing journey) is a natural part of you and your polarity that you want to honor and integrate throughout your journey. On the other hand, artificial darkness (entities, infringements, manipulations, mind control, evil, implants, nanites, etc.) is really not something you want to integrate into you, but rather separate from and transmute. This is what we do in A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing and R.A.A.H. Reiki Healing- both of which include entity and implant removal among other beautiful healing techniques.

Knowing is half the battle. Again, this knowledge may seem deep, yet it is a key in activating your own memory and power. When you know who you are, what you're in, and why you came here- you will not have fear but a deep inner drive to patriciate and serve during your time here on Earth. The greatest conspiracy is that we are powerless victims. We are truly more powerful, loved, and creative than we can yet realize and we have an infinite amount of spiritual protection and assistance that we can tap into through our innate connection to our Higher Selves, Guides, Angels, and God-Source within anytime.


If you are interested in entity/implant removal, check out our A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing or R.A.A.H. Reiki Healing where we can assist you in removing these entities, implants, and blocks. We always treat the entities with love, honor and respect and assist them to the best of our ability with the assistance of the Archangels.

In this article I did not mention Organic Light and Artificial Light, so I will here as it is a little more obvious than the dark. We see organic light as true love, freedom, peace, compassion, and high qualities such as this, whereas artificial light is the illusion of these qualities- appearing as "justice" or "love" or "peace" on the surface when in reality it is actually the inversion of it and promotes destruction. For example when corrupt politicians, celebrities, or MSM talk about justice or health or peace and are actually promoting injustice, illness, and war.

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