Regan Keely

Welcome beautiful souls~

My name is Regan Keely.

I formally began my spiritual journey in 2012 as I awakened to find that reality was not at all what I had thought it was. Naturally, this is a tumultuous and painful process of "breaking out of the fear matrix" and all of the healing trauma/programming that comes with that- but it is also the most liberating and exciting journey of a lifetime-or many lifetimes really! What followed this journey, as many can relate as we open up our consciousness, was absolutely mystical and perpetually, astonishingly, synchronistically divine.

Since then I have been deeply devoted to aligning with my divine calling and following my greatest and highest path everyday. Re-discovering my soul's blueprint and dedicating my energy to it, I live with much spiritual guidance and connection that has assisted me in my mission inestimably. Through it I have been called to the art of holistic and most specifically spiritual healing through potent modalities such as A.U.R.A. Hypnosis, R.A.A.H. Reiki, and Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading, as well as music and channeling through the heart. These modalities have been the most catalyzing experiences in my journey so far (having tried many different things) and so it is my highest joy now to facilitate and share.

I am a singer, song-writer, and musician and fascinated with the power of both expressive art and sound healing-and the fusing of the two! Much of my down time is spent playing music in nature, jamming, and tapping into the beautiful healing and activating energies of sound and voice. You can find my music here, but stay tuned for much more to come!

I have a beautiful YouTube channel and community where I share freely uplifting messages, music, meditations, sound healings, and whatever else calls to be expressed through me.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity of life. I believe that a huge part of our mission at this time is creating our own heaven on Earth- healing, transforming, and activating ourselves continuously so that we can be of most service to humanity. I believe when we share our sacred gifts authentically, we lead by example and show others the joy, beauty, love, wisdom, and divinity that is possible for all of us. We truly must be the change we wish to see in the world- it all starts within each of us.

Aside from sharing my own gifts and doing my part to assist beautiful humanity, it is also my goal to continue to build community, online and in person, to create the world we wish to see: of truth, peace, freedom, divinity, love, balance, and true unity. I know humanity is capable of greater things that we can even yet imagine. I love humanity and am honored to be here at this time with so many incredible beings such as yourself.

I currently reside in the Midwest of the USA with my divine partner and magical creature of a cat- continuing to study and practice my gifts daily as a humble student to the infinite teachings of God and the Universe.



God bless You with the Highest Love!

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